In 2011 I started Collective Agency, one of the main co-working places in Portland Oregon. Our first location was the third-longest coworking place in Portland, and the longest where not all members had reserved desks. We currently have two locations. http://collectiveagency.co/

I helped start coworking places New Work City in 2007, and Tisch Talent Guild in 1999 which is still successful.

2005-2009: Started culture of self-organizing teams in a retail company. As subcontractor, recommendations implemented on Subway Sandwich’s behind-the-counter menu boards and Microsoft mouse and keyboard accessory packaging.

In 2008 I wrote and illustrated The Handbook to Get Things Done in Companies with Organizational Democracy, which turned into the 101 representative democracy tips on this site.

I don’t update this site much anymore. Collective Agency is where my work is. Connect with me on LinkedIn, or call or email: (503) 369-9174 Email: alexlinsker@gmail.com

Twitter: @alexlinsker LinkedIn: alexlinsker

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