alexlinsker.comWhen there are lots of people in overlapping communities who want something, I bridge the groups, ask people why they think it can’t happen, and work with members to make it happen.

In 2012 I started Fully Fund Oregon Schools (it was originally called Tax and Conversation), focusing on an Oregon constitutional amendment. The business plan executive summary, PowerPoint, and legal text draft is at https://FullyFundOregonSchools.org The results will happen starting November 2016. Among what we’ve done as of November 2014:
- Raised and spent $160,000 on research and outreach;
- Figured out policy that voters in every demographic group, including party and age, support more than oppose.
- Defined how to fully fund Pre-K-12 education, and the cost.
- Defined a tax system that has no exceptions, where 95% of people and companies pay less than currently, while generating more revenue and more stability, and which supports the personal values of people who will pay the tax.
- Built a volunteer network of hundreds of people, and gotten advice from thousands of people and leaders of diverse groups.
- Gotten some press, even though that hasn’t been a focus yet.
- Started getting endorsements and raising money.

In 2011 I started Collective Agency, one of the main co-working places in Portland Oregon. I helped start coworking places New Work City in 2007, and Tisch Talent Guild in 1999. All are still successful.

2005-2009: Started culture of self-organizing teams in a retail company. As subcontractor, recommendations implemented on Subway Sandwich’s behind-the-counter menu boards and Microsoft mouse and keyboard accessory packaging.

In 2008 I wrote and illustrated The Handbook to Get Things Done in Companies with Organizational Democracy, which turned into the 101 representative democracy tips on this site.

I don’t update this site much anymore. Connect with me on LinkedIn, or call or email: (503) 369-9174 Email: alexlinsker@gmail.com

Twitter: @alexlinsker LinkedIn: alexlinsker

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